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Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist (Level 3 Trained)
Certified Experiential Therapist II
Offering IFS Therapy and Consultation
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Within each of us there is an inner wisdom, a guiding compass. Difficult life experiences or traumatic events can disconnect us from our inner knowing, our true selves. My expertise as a therapist is in guiding my clients to acknowledge, move through and release their pain from the past and reconnect with their authentic selves. This healing process naturally cultivates self trust and self love.

Freedom Counseling Services Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling 

Whether you feel overwhelmed with hard life circumstances, are stuck in a rut, or you are searching for your true self, weekly counseling sessions offer a safe space to process, discover and heal.

Freedom Counseling Services Individual Counseling
Freedom Counseling Services Intensives

Intensive counseling offers a concentrated amount of time to focus on an issue, find the root and accelerate change.  Each intensive is customized to your specific goals. Intensive therapy can catapult you into change.

Freedom Counseling Services Intensives


I recently did an Intensive with Jennifer and can sum up my weekend as breathing life, love, and self-worth back into my heart. It was a life-changing experience. This is more than traditional talk therapy which allows you the chance to get out of your head, lean into the discomfort, and get to the deepest parts for true life-long healing. I walked into Jennifer's office very confused and feeling quite broken, but after our three days together (nearly 6 months worth of therapy) I walked out of her office feeling as though a weight was lifted.
From the first moment I spoke with Jennifer I knew I'd be in great hands.
Give Jennifer a call, you won't regret it!
Deciding to do an Intensive is by far the healthiest decision I have ever made and recommend it to anyone who is going through a tough time, feels something is lacking, or sees a pattern in their behavior/experiences. 
I look forward to meeting with you.
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