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Before becoming a therapist, I spent 20 years in Corporate America. I have personally experienced the balancing necessary to be a daughter, wife, and working mom. I'd love to help you on your journey!

Meet Jennifer

Within each of us there is an inner wisdom, a guiding compass. Difficult life experiences or traumatic events can disconnect us from our inner knowing, our true selves. My expertise as a therapist is in guiding my clients to acknowledge, move through and release their pain from the past and reconnect with their authentic selves.  The research based modality I use to do this is called Internal Family Systems (IFS). 


I am a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist.  IFS, or Parts Work, is a therapy that is compassionate, inclusive, powerfully healing and respectful of one’s inner psyche. IFS recognizes we all have different parts that work to keep us safe.  This holistic (mind, body and soul) model allows us to be curious about your inner world and understand why you do what you do. With understanding, change and healing can occur. This healing process naturally cultivates self-trust and self-love and I am passionate about sharing this with others.


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Outside the Office


Throughout the year I lead 4-day Individual Intensives at Onsite Workshops, Inc., in Nashville, TN, the world's leader in therapeutic and personal workshops.  

Meet Geoff

Meet Geoff

Geoff Oman is a Clinical Mental Health Intern who works with adults and teens who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, and life and career transitions. Geoff also offers pre-marital counseling and is a certified SYMBIS Facilitator (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts).  Reach out to him today!

Geoff offers sessions starting at $40. 

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